How To Counter Stomach Acidity

5yu67i8yk7tj6Stomach acidity is a problem that has been blacklisted by so many practicing physicians since time immemorial. Its causes are clear, and many steps have been taken to ensure that it is eradicated for good but nothing doing. Instead, it continues to be a universal ailment that just won’t go down without a fight. It is caused by the foods we eat that stir up the natural acids in our systems during digestion. In worst case scenarios, digestion does not even take place and instead gives room for something even worse called heartburn.

Stomach acidity can be treated in one way or another depending on the level in which it manifests itself in your gastric system. The treatments range from taking ash with water to counter the acidic effect, among other modern day forms of treatment.

Natural remedial measures to control stomach acidity

Just to elaborate further on the remedial measure mentioned in the introduction about taking ash, it indeed works as it neutralizes the acidic effect in the stomach using its features as a base. From our chemistry lessons, an acid mixes with a base to form a salt and water; the case is no different when it comes to stomach acidity.

It can be so frustrating, to say the least when you can’t live your life and eat it with a big spoon especially with the acid problems on your case at every given opportunity. It doesn’t get any worse when the acid prevails before you have had your meals and you are nowhere near a food joint. The good news is that you can counter the acidic effects in your stomach in the most natural ways that will bring no harm to your system.

One of the most effective remedies is the frequent consumption of clean water in large amounts on a daily basis. You can do try taking a glass of water an hour before having your meals. This helps to cool the erupting acidic volcano in your tummy and keep it calm until you are ready to sit down and have your meal.

Eating habits that will naturally reduce stomach acidity

r45t67tytrgeFor the longest time, this has been up for debate even to the most learned scholars on the face of the earth. Water is not to be taken together with your meals. This will only worsen matters in your stomach and instead intensify the production of hydrochloric acid which will give room to heartburn. Instead, water should be taken thirty minutes after you have had your meal. By then, digestion will have began, and water will only be a driving force that will see to the smooth digestion of the food that you have just had.

Do not snack right before the main meal especially on salty and savory snacks. This will ruin your appetite, and you will not be able to concentrate fully on the food you are having.

Common causes of stomach acidity

We should watch the foods we eat as they play a major role in ensuring the proper production of acids and in the right amounts. The time at which we have our meals matter a great deal because our stomachs naturally adapt to the times at which we sit to have our meals.