About us

Flippinradio is a non-commercial web based radio station, created in October of 2010. Focusing on Deep, Tech house and Electronic it hosts international and resident DJs as well as exclusive sets and up-to-date playlists. Furthermore, broadcasting 24/7 has succeeded in creating a fan base from over 100 countries around the world, number which constantly grows. After a short absence Flippinradio is live again bringing you a flexible and simple to use website. Wanna be real? Then simply follow us on our social media profiles and also bookmark our page.



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Programme & Events

UrbanStyle Magazine Mixshow
  • Tue.11.Mar: Stathis Lazarides
  • Tue.18.Mar: Elias Tzikas
  • Tue.25.Mar: Kreon
  • Tue.01.Apr: Detlef
  • Tue.08.Apr: t.b.a
Standard Shows
  • nonstop #flippinlist
  • Tuesday
    17:00 USM Mixshow
  • Wednesday
    20:00 Let Love Lead the Way w/
    Zisi Albi
    22:00 The Sky is not the Limit w/
    Antonis Flash
  • Thursday
    22:00 Altered Music State w/
  • Sunday
    19:30 MaschinenMusik w/ Dirk Geiger
    22:00 Music from the Basement
Guest Zone Schedule
  • Mon.: Keep It Trill Collective, 17:00
  • Wed.: Savva_O, 17:00
  • Rena: t.b.a
  • Mr. Deka: t.b.a
  • Jonny Cade: t.b.a
  • Melokolektiv: t.b.a
  • Mikael: t.b.a
  • Mark: t.b.a
  • Niadoka: t.b.a 


Selections from our weekly broadcast.

Music / Podcasts
Origins Sound
Music / Podcasts
Music / Podcasts
USM Mixshow
Music / Podcasts
Music / Podcasts
Music / Podcasts
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  • USM is a nonprofit, independent magazine orientated by urban Art & Culture.

    - Urbanstyle Magazine
  • PLSTLN is a record label / publishing house based in Munich Germany specializing in underground house and techno music.

    - Plasteline Recordings
  • In ancient Greece, the symposium (Greek συμπόσιον symposion, from συμπίνειν sympinein, "to drink together") was a drinking party.In modern Greece is the same with four crazy dj's and their fresh music taste.

  • Club & Stage Photography team based in Athens.

    - Elocin Photography